Touring the Great Lakes: Plenty to Do at the Great Lakes in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin actually gets to enjoy two of the Great Lakes – Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. Regardless of which of the Great Lakes in Wisconsin you decide to spend time on, there is plenty to see and do.

For those who love the water and its majestic sailboats, the Dreamcatcher Sailing Adventure on Lake Superior is for you. You can sail off the Apostle Islands in Bayfield, Wisconsin with your own boat and captain. This sailboat rental company owns three boats and a big highlight is that children actually get to sail themselves. The trip is an eco-tour as Dreamcatcher Sailing is part of the Travel Green Wisconsin program.

Those who love the Great Lakes in Wisconsin will not want to stop at just sailing above the water. The Maritime Trails program was designed for underwater exploration. Whether you are a history junkie or simply enjoy diving exploration, this program works to preserve and protect shipwrecks and other submerged archaeological finds. The program places buoys each season over 23 of Wisconsin’s most popular shipwrecks.

The beauty of the water is not reserved for the lakes alone. Waterfall loves should not pass up an opportunity to go to Pattison State Park on Lake Superior. This is because the state park is home to the highest waterfall, Big Manitou Falls, with a drop of over 150 feet. The park also has its own beach, nature center, hiking trails and camping facilities.

The Great Lakes in Wisconsin sounding like a great destination? Do not pass up the chance to visit some of the lake’s islands for more. The Apostle Islands are comprised of 22 islands and include such attractions as beaches, sea caves, fishing, diving, camping, and kayaking.

If those islands are not enough for you, check out the Door County Islands in the northeaster peninsula of Wisconsin. A great time to visit is in May when they do the Door County Maritime Museum Lighthouse Way where you get to tour many of the island’s historic lighthouses and museums. There is also a wildlife refuge on Hog Island, and a 906-acre state park on Rock Island. The largest of the Door County Islands is Washington Island, famous for its orchards, beaches and attractions. Some of these attractions include Schoolhouse Beach, the Jackson Harbor Maritime Museum, the Mountain Park Lookout Tower, and the W.I. Farm Museum.

Whatever the destination, the Great Lakes in Wisconsin are waiting for  you.