Lake Erie in Ohio

Of all the Great Lakes, Lake Erie is the smallest. It is also the most shallow and warmest of the great ones and flows through four American states and two countries. When visiting the Great Lakes in Ohio, Lake Erie is the one you will spend time with.

The Great Lakes in Ohio offer a variety of different terrains for outdoor lovers. You can visit wetlands, rivers, beaches, forests, prairies, savannas, and even glacial islands. The major cities bordering Lake Erie in Ohio include Toledo and Cleveland.

Much in the way of attractions, history and outdoor interest can be found by following the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail. This trail encompasses 293 miles and goes from Conneaut to Toledo.

A jaunt to the Lake Erie Islands, located on the southern shore of the lake and often referred to as America’s North Coast, by ferry and include nine islands. Other than the islands themselves you can visit the Glacial Grooves on Kelleys Island or spend time at Crystal Cave, home of the world’s largest geode.

Lake Erie, and its working waterfronts, is the cornerstone of what Ohio is today. Ohio’s ports, like Toledo, Huron, Conneaut, and Cleveland, were instrumental with connecting the United States with other countries. Museums showcasing the state’s history of shipwrecks, war, and industry litter the Lake Erie shoreline.

For lighthouse lovers, the Great Lakes in Ohio offer so much. The oldest American lighthouse is the Marblehead Lighthouse operating in Ohio since 1822. Other notable Ohio lighthouses include the Conneaut Harbor Lighthouse, Fairport Harbor Marine Lighthouse, the Cleveland Harbor East Entrance Lighthouse, the Breakwater Lighthouse, and the lighthouse at the Lorain Breakwater Lighthouse.

For those wanting to take in all that the Great Lakes in Ohio has to offer, take a moment to consider the Lake Erie Circle Tour. This tour is a scenic drive for over 200 miles along Lake Erie and Ohio’s north coastline.

For thrill seekers, the amusement parks along Lake Erie are not to be missed. Cedar Point in Cleveland is considered to the roller coaster capital of the world. There are other great places to visit like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Great Lakes Science Center, and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo or African Safari Wildlife Park.

Whatever the draw to the Great Lakes in Ohio, there is more than enough to do and keep busy while exploring all that Lake Erie has to offer.

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