Exploring the Great Lakes in Indiana

One of the regions by which the Great Lakes bordered is the Wisconsin state. The major lakes surrounding Wisconsin are the Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. The Lake Michigan is considered as the largest freshwater lake in the country by surface area while the Lake Superior is considered as the largest of the five Great Lakes. These Great Lakes in Wisconsin are the most visited tourists’ spots in state.

Wisconsin is known for its varied landscape by which making it as popular travel destination for outdoor activities. The numerous lakes present in Wisconsin including the Great Lakes provides perfect get away destination for ice fishing and other recreations. Furthermore, Wisconsin is known for very cold snowy winters which pave way for great ice adventures such as skiing, snowmobile derbies and ice fishing. There is wide array of marinas like walleye, smallmouth bass and a lot more to catch during the popular ice fishing in Great lakes of Wisconsin. Even during the extreme cold winter, there are still lots of recreational activities that are full of fun and excitement.

Like the other states in the United States which are bordered by Great Lakes, Wisconsin had developed strategies to preserve the quality and quantity of the water. The Great Lakes in Wisconsin comprises 20% of the available fresh water supply, so whatever alteration that may occur, it can bring critical issues to both people’s health and welfare.  This reason motivates the government of Wisconsin to come out with a strategy on how to protect the Great Lakes. All of the goals of these strategies cannot be achieved by the government alone but with the help of countless individuals caring for the Great Lakes in Wisconsin. This is a very good thing since the benefits will be garnered by the people living on the state and possibly the people from other nations whenever unwanted circumstances happened.

It will be a great loss for the Wisconsin people when any damage or devastation occurred because Great Lakes play an essential part in the economic growth of the state. Great Lakes in Wisconsin are indeed assets attracting many tourists from different nations of the world. The importance of Great Lakes is not limited only for the Wisconsin state but moreover to all of its regions.

There’s a lot more to discover in the Great Lakes surrounding Wisconsin by which will surely give you enthusiasm and enjoyment throughout your vacation. You can bring your families and friends for more bonding moments and all together appreciate the amazing creations of God though the Great Lakes in Wisconsin.


The Great Lakes in Indiana

It might not be well known that you can visit the Great Lakes in Indiana, but this mid-western state enjoys over 25 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. All of the state’s Lake Michigan shoreline is maintained by the National Parks Service and the lake itself is great for all kinds of water fun such as swimming, skiing, and fishing. Lake Michigan is known for its fishing as you are likely to catch many a walleye, trout or salmon.

Great city choices for those interesting in visiting the Great Lakes in Indiana are Michigan City, Indiana and Gary, Indiana.

Lake County in Indiana is often referred to as Lake Michigan’s South Shore. The South Shore is a mere half hour drive from downtown Chicago. Many visit the South Shore for the lakefront casino boats, the Deep River Waterpark and tons of historical sites, memorials, and museums. The history of the country’s steel industry can be observed here.

Many tourists come to Michigan City in the summer, including residents of Chicago, to visit Lake Michigan and the city’s various attractions. On a clear day one can actually see the Chicago skyline from across the lake. This is just one of the ways to visit the Great Lakes in Indiana.

One of the major attractions here is the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore park. This park includes about 15 miles of sandy beaches as well as the sand dunes and marshes the area is known for. Visitors should check out the singing sands, sand that emits sounds based on the wind passing over the dunes or simply by walking along the sand. The park is a popular destination for campers and favorite activities include bird watching, fishing, swimming, and hiking.


For lighthouse enthusiasts you have to swing by the Old Michigan City Light. This is one of the state’s few lighthouses and even inspired the Michigan City’s largest shopping center – the Lighthouse Place Outlet Mall.

Other must sees include the Bailly Homestead, a pioneer fur trading post, West Beach, and Mt Baldy. What is so important about the Bailly Homestead is that it is so well preserved. West Beach is a popular beach with public access. Mt Baldy is the largest living dune and moves four to five feet each year.

There must be quite an appealing allure to touring the Great Lakes in Indiana if Chicago locals drive here to visit Lake Michigan.