There is a saying- “Beauty of nature is a challenge to the scientists, a source of inspiration to the philosophers, a model of perfection to the artists, source of business to a businessman and for the simple and ordinary man, beauty of nature is a source of JOY”. Nature offers us plethora of beautifiers-oceans, mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, waterfalls etc. Among them lakes are like the gems the bosoms of a geographic region with fresh and tranquil water. However, our website is dedicated to provide all related information about Great Lakes of North America.

GLNA or Great Lakes of North America comprises of total five freshwater lakes- Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario. Among the five lakes only Lake Michigan is entirely in United States of America and the remaining four lakes form some parts of USA-Canada border. The lakes touch the land of total 8 states of USA- Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York and Canadian province Ontario.

The total surface area of Great Lakes is 208,610 sq km. collectively and they are referred as the largest freshwater region in the world, containing 21% of the Earth’s total fresh water consumption. Thus GLNA have enormous biological and environmental importance. These are the safe reservoir of many fresh water flora and fauna. GLNA are also commercially important enough as the shore lines of the lakes are over 1600 sq km. touching about nearly 30 major settlements of USA and Canada. These lakes play a pivotal role in industrial growths in these settlements throughout the last couple of centuries. The Great Lakes Basins are also a huge source of Agricultural production.

Last but not least, the tourist attractions of GLNA. Approximately 70 million tourists visit the tourist attractions of GLNA per year and enjoy their fresh and tranquil water and sandy beaches. Sport fishing, fishing tours, boating, diverse wildlife, trailing, skiing etc are the main tourist attraction of the Great lakes. There are 52 national parks, 17 historic sites, 191 downhill ski areas, 4659 golf courses in GLNA region. Moreover, there are 35000 islands in the Great Lakes; many of them are very popular tourist destinations.

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